Node to hide elements (grids) in linked file


I’m from the mep side. I copy/monitor the grids from the linked model. I’d like to be able to hide the grids
(except the grids in my model) of the linked models in my floor & ceiling plan views. Most of the time there
would be at least 3 models linked in.

Is there a node that can hide elements in linked models. I think I’m able to get the ID element numbers of the
grids of the linked model. Can someone please advice or point me to the right direction…Thank you in advance.


This might be off topic so apologies but why not just go to Manage Links and turn off the Shared Levels and Grids workset from the linked models. Once you have that stuff Copy Monitored into yours there is no need for it to be loaded in.



Yes this is the first thing we do after we copy/monitor. I wanted to mention this is
my earlier post but decided not to. Some models we receive are not modeled correctly.
Grids are placed in different worksets. Walls and windows are placed in their
"Shared Levels and Grids" workset. So if turn off the Shared Levels and Grids workset
(or whatever workset they decide to name it) from the links we encounter a lot of problems.

We hesitate to call the consultants to make them aware of this. We also have filters
to take care of this. But I was thinking that I would just run the dynamo graph before
we make prints.

Any ideas anyone?

I use a filter if the Shared Levels and Grids workset doesnt work.
Make a filter for; Level Type Name is NOT “Your own level Type Name”.
Turn this off in all your views.


Thanks for the reply. Yes we use filters too. But sometimes users who create their own views, call outs etc forget to add the filter or correct template that has that filter. So that’s why I’d like to use Dynamo.

Anyway thanks again.

So you can add filter to every template/view.
EDIT: So you can add filter to every template/view in dynamo

Funny I thought this was a Dynamo forum.

I totally understand why Paul wants this ability and I have been trying to accomplish the same thing with Dynamo. Unfortunately, I don’t think the custom nodes, that others have generously created, work for hiding linked elements.

In general, it’s much easier to manage graphics using filters and setting the linked views graphics to be driven by the host model. What is needed, is the ability to filter elements by their link name and category in OOTB Revit. As Paul mentioned, I have little confidence in filtering elements in links by some random parameter that may or may not meet the criteria.

Sorry I don’t have an answer.

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LinkedFileElementsHide.dyn (76.3 KB)

Hi, guys.

I know this post is concluding that there is no way to select and isolate elements from a linked model. I was wondering if there have been any changes to this situation.

I have been trying to automatically select objects of a certain category and filtering it by a contained string, and, with my knowledge limitation in Dynamo and almost non-existent in Python, I have successfully achieved that.

However, what frustrates me is that some of the nodes found in this post were not found in my Dynamo version, which is (1.3.00). I have tried to download them but had no success. Anyway.

I am posting my Dynamo file with my trials, and, although I did not have some of the nodes, I am happy with the result in my TRIAL 6 group. I would like to ask if someone could kindly look at it to see if the selection by ID of linked model elements is now possible and if there is a command/node that would hide the selected elements of that linked model file.

I thank you all in advance for your support.

Still no solution to this?

We had a same problem here:

That will work yes, but if you have lots of Existing ViewTemplates, you need to add that filter to each view template manually…

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I can not say anything different than that i totally agree with you.