Hide Grids and Levels of Linked models

Hi can anyone show me how to make a script about hiding the grids and levels of linked models. I have atleast 30 links in my model and manually going to the visibility graphics and change the settings in revit link models is a little bit tedious.

rename your own GridType, then filter out the rest of them by TypeName

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Could you turn off the worksets in the link? Then they would be gone everywhere.

I could not turn it off. . . also wouldn’t turning it off also turns off my link models?

No, I assumed the Grids in the linked models were on a workset for just the grids. If you turn those of using Workset Manager in the Links panel then they don’t show up anywhere so you aren’t hiding them or changing view templates, they aren’t visible at all.

I see but i didn’t make the links as central file so the there are no worksets.

another option