Hide Grid and Level from linked file

Hi I am try to make dynamo script for Hide Grid and Level from linked file.
There is no error but does not work. Please give me advice.

Hi @youngjin_ha

Try this…

10 Hide Category from Linked Files.dyn (36.1 KB)

I think you missed list management in your Script.
For me, a total of 30 views and 2 Categories as input for output we need to use lacing “cross product”.

I can see you used Shot lacing for all the nodes, can you say the reason behind it?

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Hello dear community,

I’m somewhat used to revit as a software, but new to dynamo. I’ve been trying to replicate the example given by @Mepdot above without success. The last node is not happy with my input for some reason. I’m attempting this with cross-product lacing.


You need to enter “Name of Category” for Category, and you need to cross-lancing.

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Bah I’m sorry about that, must have slipped through when I was tweaking the settings. Thanks for the help. Is it possible to include less overrideoptions in the last node? Im suspecting that dynamo is trying to change a setting that is controlled by viewtemplate(s).

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What package is the Element.GetFromLinkedFile from?

I get the error: custom node definition is not loaded
So I assume I just haven’t downloaded that package.