Hiding linked files elements

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I’m trying to hide specific elements in a linkage model that is consisted only from linked files. I started with this sequence:

Archi-lab nodes were used. It works fine in highlighting elements but when it comes to hiding it does not seem to work. Similar topic was discussed here Node to hide elements (grids) in linked file, but it led to nothing, apparently.

Can you turn on node previews for the rest of your graph? The reason Id to Element doesn’t work is because it’s built to check Ids in the current document, not links. HideElements is doing the same thing. You’ll likely need to use python to hide the elements from the link in the current model.

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Not sure if sequence element Ids and id to element is needed anyway

As of python script for that specific case with linkage, pretty sure that I won’t make it on my own

Actually the more I look into this I don’t think the API currently allows you to hide/unhide linked elements.

Inside Revit it is possible to hide elements by choosing them and using hot key command EH (hide element) or VH (hide category), but that takes too much time for my case.
Too bad if that is hopeless with Dynamo

I agree with @Nick_Boyts that revit is not capable to read linked elements IDs even if you do that manually in revit will return an empty box but in the other hand i think anything you can do it in revit (hide linked element) you can do it through API i am not sure yet how but i am really interested to find a way how to do it.

But it can be seen from the screenshots that ID’s from linked files elements are read, even geometry can be seen with element.geometry node. My idea is that it can be solved by means of fixing python code in hide.elements node

You can read Ids from links no problem, you can even get the element if you specific the linked document. You can’t hide them through the API - there is no API method for linked elements. Not everything you can do in Revit is available in the API.

When i mentioned the ids i meant inside revit and yeah correct we can get it by dynamo and get the element itself but as i understand from you we cannot manipulate it at all ! It looks you already searched about the subject ? Really disappointing we cannot !!, we can do that in revit this should be available in dynamo as well. @petterfjordson Actually in another topic the same subject diacussed but no one give a solution but they suggested to make filter template for the linked model I don’t know if this would be enough for you.

Ah, I misunderstood you then.
A filter is actually a much better option. It will be dynamic and is a better solution over Hiding.

Ok, thank you for your time, I’ll proceed with filters then. Often forget that many tasks can be resolved by simple means

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