Node missing

Hi to all.

I am a new in Dynamo and at the moment I try to read, understand and learn the basics. I have a situation on creating the exercise from chapter 8 Dynamo for Revit (8.2 Selecting). As you can see from the picture from the book tutorial the node FamilyInstance.Symbol is used, but in the attached file - Selecting.dyn which can be found at the beginning of this exercise, a different node is used - FamilyInstance.Type.

After I opened an older version (1.3.3) I noticed that the node FamilyInstance.Type exist, but the node FamilyInstance.Symbol does not. In the latest version (2.0.1), which I use, none of the nodes listed above are to be found.

Could you please give me a solution to my situation?

Thank you in advance for your support and have a nice day to all.

Hi @silviu.bunu,

You can use FamilyInstance.GetFamily and Family.Types nodes instead.


Hi Alban, thank you for your answer, but your feedback doesn`t work in the new version of Dynamo as in the old one.


Can you show the error you have ?
It should work.