Missing Family Instance.Type Node (Dynamo 2.0.3)

Hi, Guys.

I’m trying to find the node Family Instance.Type. Is there a chance that it has been renamed to again in recent version of Dynamo. Based from what I read from blog posts it was named Family Instance.Symbol before. Is it an OOTB node? Below is the screenshot of the nodes I found with Family Instance but not the .Type node.

Try searching for Element.ElementType instead.

Hi, Jacob. I appreciate the quick reply. I did find the Element.ElementType node.

For context though, I’m trying to start a script where I can rename family names (not type).

Would this be a good start?

Looks like you’re on track. I believe there are a few examples of this on the forum too.

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Thanks, Jacob. Yeah, there are a lot haha I’m reading through them at the moment to get more insights on the workflow. I’ll set this topic to solve now, was just confused earlier with that specific node.