How to find node:"FamilyInstance.Symbol "

Hi everyone

I’m new in Dynamo, and i’m trying to extract family name (not type name) from revit to excel and send back to revit.

i did some research on how to perform this process, and most of topic mentioned a node: "FamilyInstance.Symbol ", but unfortunately, i couldn’t find it in both Dynamo default package or custom package like clockwork,

Could anyone tell me how to find this node? Thank you so much!!!



Thank you so much Kulkul

I just tried “Familyinstance. ByFamilyType”, but it seems like i’m still getting the family type name, please see the screenshot below:

i’m trying to extract family name which in red box, but by using this node, i get all family types. is there anyway i can only get the family name? Thank you for your help

Family Instance used to be referred to as Family Symbol in earlier versions of Dynamo
Any reference to Family Symbol now mostly means Family Instance

However, Family Symbols from Revit can still be accessed (Apologies for any confusion)


FamilyInstance.Symbol was renamed to FamilyInstance.Type. It gets the family type of a family instance.
As @Vikram_Subbaiah pointed out, you will need to connect the family type to FamilyType.Family, to get the family of a family type.
Which means: If you are working from a family instance (e.g. coming from Select Model Element node), you’ll need both nodes (FamilyInstance.Type and then FamilyType.Family), if you’re working from a family type, you’ll just need familyType.Family.

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Thanks Andreas_Dieckmann

Thank you for explaining, it’s super clear and helpful!

But I still have some questions, let’s say if i want to get family name of columns in this project:

in Revit project browser, the breakdown of columns families are: (sorry not to showing screenshot, cause the new user only can upload one photo)

Rectangular Column
Round Column
—06" Diameter
—12" Diameter
—28" Diameter
—30" Diameter

and when i use your method in Dynamo, it only brings me all family types, like detail size of columns, but what i really want to get is Rectangular Column & Round Column. If you have time, could you please let me know how to get those name only? Thank you!

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Got it! That’s awesome!!!

Thank you Andreas_Dieckmann, highly appreciate for your help!!

I’m working through the Dynamo Primer Section 8.2. Selecting, and I have created a screenshot showing updated nodes from those appearing in the primer and also the download example. These seem to work correctly.

(I’m using Dynamo Revit version