Node "LunchBox Room Element Collector"

Node “LunchBox Room Element Collector”
does not work for Italian … … I have to change python script ??



Alex, what is your Dynamo Version?maybe download New lunchbox

thanks Peter

I installed dynamo and lunch latest version but will not start

maybe you have to change with Italian python?

alex italian should not be the problem ( i am running german).

but there is an issue when updating to

maybe you remove 0.75 or whatever you have installed.


thanks Peter
I installed lunchbox 2015 with error message (attach)
Use dynamo

dynamo 7 removed

help?versione dynamo

Lunchbox Room: not working
Picture Script python lunchbox
This path does not exist
Ylunchbox room 2 lunchbox room 1ou have to create ??

Hi Alex,

That definitely isn’t the latest node. The latest node has a “Toggle” input. Also those paths you pointed out are only needed for Dynamo 0.63 and older.

Could you try closing Revit and Dynamo and then go into Dynamo’s packages folder. Paste the below path into your explorer:


Once there, manually delete the “Lunchbox for Dynamo” folder?

After that try downloading the latest version once again.