Cross Product Function don't work

Hi everybody, I’m following the tutorials from the Dynamo bim web site but I’ve encountered some minor issues which I’m unable to fix, for example the Cross Product function seems to not work, I’ve already closed Dynamo and re open it but the problem persist, is this a known issue or what am I doing wrong? regards

Please show more of your graph and/or provide a sample of the graph you are working on. Do you have the List Levels “>” pulling the correct values from the inputs? This can make the “lacing” appear as though it isn’t working.

A link to which tolutorial you’re using would also help.

Hi Guys ant thank you so much for your responses, here there is a extended photo of the graph I’m trying to create and the link to the video I’m following, as already said is the Cross Product function that seems to not work anymore, regards
Dynamo Tutorial from the Dynamo BIM web site

Would you please post the image again with all of the result windows expanded, especially the set Parameter node? Hard to tell what is happening since we can’t see it.

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One element. Multiple sets of data. Data can only be stored in Type parameters once. Likely you want to feed family instances into the ‘element’ input.

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Hi and thanks again for your replies, here there is a new image of my graph with the result windows expanded, well I’m following all the instructions in the video, so I don’t know why I not able to obtain the same result, best regards

Your lists are a mess, but your issue is still as @JacobSmall described above. You have Depth and Span being set to the values of 2 and 4 with cross-product lacing. This means you’re setting Depth to 2 then to 4 and Span to 2 and then to 4, leaving you with and Depth and Span of 4. These are type parameters so only one value is allowed across all instances of that type.


Hi Guys and thanks both for your responses, well, as already said I’ve followed the tutorial instructions step by step and I’ve found that problem, so as you said that my lists were a mess I re-started the exercise again by doing all very slowly, but sadly I’m stuck with the same issue, no matter what am done the result is alway the same, the cross product don’t seems to work, see image, maybe is something related to the DYNAMO version I’m using? I am on DYNAMO 1.3.3, regards

You have to many list levels for lacing to work properly. Try reducing both of your Surface.GetIsoline outputs to singletons rather than a list. A codeblock with list[0] should be all you need.

Thank you Nick, I’ll follow your advice, but as already said, I am following a tutorial on the dynamo bim web site, and I am doing all the steps very carefully and when the video reach the part of cross product I get blocked, so I think is something related to the version of dynamo and the fact that some nodes are no more the same nodes or its names are different, thank you again

I would absolutely agree that you’re likely correct there. A lot of the tutorials are quite out of date at this point. They’re good for examples but you can’t expect to follow them node by node anymore. You get to learn the newer nodes and processes as you go. :wink:

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