Clash coordination between different discipline

Hi guys

Lately I been working in way to speed up the coordination process between different discipline (Ex. ARC with STR) and because you can’t keep ARC and STR in the same model which will lead to make the model heavy, for sure you need to make two models for each discipline, also to know Revit can’t read the linked model elements, it become hard and taking a lot of time to solve the clashes specially for big project like Towers, malls …etc. I ended by idea to eliminate some of manual work, by creating views for each clash and each view make scope box that fit only the clashed element and surrounded linked elements. in this way more that 50% of the time you spent on solving these clashes will be eliminated.

This way need:
1- Navisworks.
2- Revit.
3- Dynamo.

a- Starting with naviswork. there no faster way to do clash detection than Navisworks can do, when I tried to do this process by dynamo it took ages to finish specially if the model is heavy, so just you need to run very fast test, and extract the report that show element ID (make sure to uncheck the rest outputs). check the picture below.

b- Then you need top open the XML file in excel and save as excel file, so dynamo can read it.

c- Open Dynamo and read the excel file in script that i will provide. check the picture below.

Please check the picture below as result of the procedure. (Tested on big models)

The clashed model will be overridden on blue, and ID of the host model element will be filled as parameter, so you can compare later with Navisworks report and understand the clash type.

Still there is manual work after that to fix the issue, which should be manually and i don’t think any code can do it correctly 100 % up to know.

Please let me know what you think !. , Your comments are highly appreciated and if you think it is good please share it.

Finally the Dyn.

CD.dyn (26.5 KB)

Thank you


Great workflow.

I have done a similar process without the Navisworks by using the built in revit clash detection. I’ll see if I can pull together some documentation on the process for a follow up post.



It would be very nc if we can do all the process thru revit only !. Waiting for ur documentation :+1:t2:

This is great well done and thanks for sharing. When you are free have a look at this topic

It also deals with clash coordination but different approach.

This is what i love about this community you learn something new everytime you look at the topics…

Again keep up the good work…

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Thank you for ur feedback and appreciated, for sure i will have look maybe i can enhance my workflow. And totally agree with wt u said about dynamo forums :ok_hand:t2:

Hi @Mohammad_Nawar
what package
Those highlighted nodes are from which package ?

Hi @engineer2369

Packages: Archi-lab, OverrideGraphicsetting and visual style select

Dear @Mohammad_Nawar
I did’t find “OverrideGraphicsetting” package. also “Id to Element” Node is looking from some other package .which i don’t know.

Sorry. I found “Id to Element” Package.
but “OverrideGraphicsetting” package still did’t found.

Hi @engineer2369

yeah sry about the other one it’s from hot gear

Hi @Mohammad_Nawar
I recently installed latest Archi-lab Package, but now

This node become unresolved ?? do you have any solution

Hi @engineer2369

can you show me the node that you have for view.overridegraphic

install both packages


Hi @Mohammad_Nawar
First of all, thanks for your your support.
As you know Archi-lab_Grimshaw is no longer available for installation from online packages, i manualy imported “Archi-lab_Grimshaw.dll” as a import library from Dynamo Core Folder.
C:\Users\S01502\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Core\1.3\packages\\bin …here i don’t know, if “Archi-lab_Grimshaw.dll” will always stay here or it was from previous version. I hope this will help others facing similar issues.

Hi @engineer2369

Thank you so much for sharing this information and still if you are facing any issue with the code i will be happy to help. beside if want suggest any thing new let me know so we can enhance it

All the codes are now fine. While we will be using this for clash coordination, any problems, suggestions and improvements if any, will definitely share here.

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Hi I’ve already used it but it got problems with those hightlighted nodes .Packages: Archi-lab, OverrideGraphicsetting and visual style select have been downloaded already.

Hey @thu.trinh

Can you show me the below path what is include.

C:\Users\Yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\1.3\packages\\bin

it should includes As below if not. then you need to install the required files which is the Archi-lab_grimshaw.

If you still facing the issue let me know.


Yes you’re right. It’s missing the Archi-lab_Grimshaw although I dont’ understand how could I “manualy imported “Archi-lab_Grimshaw.dll” as a import library from Dynamo Core Folder” as engineer2369 have written about before. (Because I couldnot find this package from online packages)


Hi @thu.trinh

I did some changes in the script so you don’t need anymore for the mentioned package run it and let me know if you still facing any issues.

CD.dyn (22.3 KB)

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Hi, There are only 2 issues left. Another question is that does it work better if I let all the clashes seperate instead of grouping them in naviswork file before running the script? Thank you.