'No replication guide will be added'

Hello all,

I cannot see the result of the node in the bottom box. I only got the message that ‘No replication guide will be added’
I already restarted both Dynamo and Revit but the problem remains.

Do you have any idea?

Thank you in advance!


What happens when you put a watch node after this one?

@sven.deleau ,

I see the result using the Watch node

Hello all,

I still have the same problem with the message 'No replication guide will be added’. I open different projects and start dynamo from scratch or some existing scripts that I had, but the problem remains.

Any idea?

Thank you!


I also see that the Lacing options when a do a right-click in the workspace are grey out. Do you have any idea ?

Thank you

Hi @mairh_tsek …which version revit and dynamo are you working on ?

Hello @sovitek ,

Revit : 2021.1 and Dynamo Core : , Dynamo Revit : , it says that it is ‘up to date’.

thank you

have you tried open a new blank dyn …and copy the graph over there ?

yes the problem remains. I have also restarted Revit/dynamo but I have the same results…
I checked it also in empty projects, and in projects that I have Revit geometry, but same thing

Here is a part of a file that the problem appears :
test.dyn (14.0 KB)

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