Preview not possible

Hi I come across this issue that do not see previews any more when hoover over?
Any idea how to fix it?
Did I mess up with any settings?
I am using Dynamo 1.2.1

Hi @Michal_Dengusiak

Try restarting your PC. Looks like your running on huge project.

BTW does it happens to other nodes?

For me this happens on all nodes and all project. Even the simplest one.

Today I installed new Dynamo 1.3 with hope that finally my preview will work but what an disappointment that still same issue. NO PREVIEW…how long will have to use Watch Nodes?!!

there must me some setting, it is impossible that I have the same issue with new version…

Is this in sandbox as well as Revit?

It is in Revit,

I just run Dyamo Core - DynamoSandbox.exe
and this is interesting is working here…

Maybe a plugin conflict? What else do you have piggybacked on Revit?

You mean external Ribbon in Revit or packages in Dynamo?

Stuff in the “Add-Ins” tab of Revit.

Thanks for help @JacobSmall
Here is my list: BIM 360, Bluebeamv 2016.5, FormIt 360 Converter, Revit Lookup, STL Exporter…

Nothing jumps out as I have most of the same ones, with Revit Lookup being the only exception (I requested it previously and was told “not yet” as I’d just started a new version of Revit). May need someone else to weigh in here but hopefully this helps narrow it down.

OK thanks…will wait patiently for next tip or release…maybe Dynamo 1.4 will solve it…

I’ve not experienced this issue in normal operations, but I have found that when I use Skype For Business to do screensharing with our other offices that the Dynamo Preview quits working until I end the screenshare.

FWIW - I have RevitLookup and it causes no headaches for me.

@Michal_Dengusiak Could you confirm is your preview bubble is checked?

Thanks, SOLVED