Insert structural framing instead of mullions in curtain walls

Hello, I will make a presentation in RTC Europe after a bit more than a month and I will talk about Detailed Curtain wall modeling so I thought I will include Dynamo to make this happen.
I am new to Dynamo, or I should say I was a month ago.
So my idea as a first step is to Create Curtain Wall with mullions in Revit and by using Dynamo, convert mullions to structural framing elements, so I could get real length elements.
I’ve listed, grouped lines, points in different ways I could think of and got almost good results - top and bottom elements are split to <6 m lengths, I have vertical elements going from top to bottom.
But I really have this talent to make simple things complicated :slight_smile:

could anybody make comments on my dynamo file and a way I used it? can I optimize it? please, without Python :slight_smile:

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Is all of the framing the same member or does it vary?

I would like to make them vary.

Can you also elaborate further on this statement?

ok, so mullions in Revit goes from point to point right? from intersection of grid lines to other intersection?
if I am engineer, who needs to prepare detailed drawings of curtain wall with all quantities…for example - I will make one element which will go from top to bottom instead of 3 elements divided at horizontal grid points…
like you see in the picure below - Revit curtain wall and wall created with my dynamo nodes (note that I use any kind of beams at the moment, it will be changed later)

Curtain grids have a full curve parameter, would that work?

Curtain Grid nodes are from Rhythm

yeah, I think this will reduce at least few nodes in every of my branches. Thanks, I will try to use that in upcoming days.
I am still fighting with sorting a lot, so it takes time :slight_smile:

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chm…I cant find node - curtain grid by element in Dynamo?

and on second thought, grids go from top to bottom and from start to end of the wall and that is not right as mullions might go just in a part of the grid.

Is the framing purely to calculate lengths?

no, its not only for the lengths.

It’s big. but it seems to do what you want.
Here is an image of my graph

And my Revit output

You need to download latest Rhythm and clockwork packages for this to work.

Here is the DYN framingOnCurtainGrid.dyn (71.5 KB)



I will test it tomorrow, but thank you for your time, really appreciate it !!!

Seems, like something is not working for me. It joins all cuves instead of joinable? or do I miss something?

Working on my end. It is a hit and miss process though. Maybe remove the framing and run it again?

I used your file only today.
Even if I installed rhythm package one node showed me, that its can’t be found in dynamo, so I had to drag this node from the list and remove red one.
than I changed my curtain wall in the model and other nodes suddenly stopped working randomly. Restarted and left all selection of curtain wall and at least I don’t have error messages.
Then my background dissappeared, I mean Revit model updates, but I have nothing on dynamo, just nodes. So I spend 2 hours of looking for problems, uninstalling, installing, restarting everything :smiley:

than I figured it out how to place these structural framings on my file, in my way, by using mullions etc. But my way is really biggie compared to yours. I saw some nodes in your file so probably I will reduce mine or I will make work yours somehow. Probably its like you say - remove, rerun etc.

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hey guys , i was trying to convert my curtain mullions to structural components ( column/ beams). there is no solution except this post, and i have no experience with dynamo, can u help me? how can i convert/ insert structural component in curtain wall system?