Creating Concrete Panel Pattern within Generic Wall In Revit


I’m new to Dynamo and unfamiliar with the interaction between Dynamo and Revit. Now a real project is on the table I thought it’d be a good place to start some deep/specific learning.

Please see image 1.

This is a SketchUp image of the current design I’m trying to implement with Dynamo. The short vertical lines are reveals that hopefully can be adjusted both in profile and spacing. And then once every X (4 in this variation, highlighted in yellow) panels has a protrusion of Y inches (4" in this variation)

Now, see image 2.

This is what I have in Revit, with a generic wall spanning the full length of the facade. Not sure where to even start this exercise.

If you guys can give me a similar example, or just an overall logic of how to tackle this. It’d be great for me to dive in. Thanks in advance!