New Dynamo addin

I have installed the new dynamo addin for 2.5, after uninstalling the old one and deleting any references to it in my user profile. Upon the new installation, when I open Vasari and click on the dynamo button the splash screen launches but then freezes there.

I have done the same install on brand new on a clean machine that has never had Vasari before and it runs just fine.

Anyone know what info is being held in my existing Vasari installed machine that is causing this addin to freeze at the launch?

Hi Matt,

Can you try downloading the newest version of Vasari 2.5 and trying again? The newest version contains bugfixes that prevent this graphics issue I believe. We have seen this issue elsewhere on older 2.5 builds.


Also the journal file reads this before I kill the process in task manager.

Jrn.RibbonEvent "Execute external command:6417:Dynamo.Applications.DynamoRevit"
' 0:< Delta VM: Avail -5 -> 3190 MB, Used +3 -> 279 MB; RAM: Avail -5 -> 4197 MB, Used +26 -> 70 MB
' 0:< Muted: Jrn.Directive IdleTimeTaskSymbol
'C 12-Jul-2012 14:56:10.921; 0:< Display exception has occurred.