Dynamo crashes Vasari

Hi there.

Yesterday I installed Dynamo, but I couldn't find a way to use it.

I installed both Vasari and Dynamo correctly, as a matter of fact they start correctly and I can use them separately.

Problem occurs when I click "run" on Dynamo: nothing happens on Vasari. Even if I click "cancel" or click run again. I can change nodes on Dynamo, but vasari is still in crash.

Even if I close Dynamo, it's impossible to click any button on Vasari, and the only way to close it, is to kill the task.

Problem occurs even if I only open Dynamo and quickly close it. Vasari is already dead.

Any ideas?

My config:

Windows 7 64bit, i7 8 giga ram

Vasari 2.5


Thank you very much


Hi Tom, thank you for the kind reply.

I think it happens with all the files, I mean.. I open Vasari and it works. If I open Dynamo and quickly close it, Vasari is already dead.

So.. I don't really have files.. only starting templates/samples.

Wich template/sample you ask? Every one. I tried all, lol :)

Thanks for the help

If you need more info, I'm here

Guido, can you post the dyn file or a screenshot? Also, we will soon have a new version of Dynamo that will work with the new Vasari Beta 1 and Revit 2013