Network problems in central model ..! help me!

Very good days.
I am trying to access the CENTRAL MODEL of a PC through the LOCAL NETWORK but when I access it I get several messages mentioning that the route has been lost which does not allow me to create my LOCAL MODEL… how can I solve it… Thank you very much for your help… If it wasn’t too much to ask, could you please attach images to me… AUTODESK’s indications have not helped me… thank you. :persevere: :confounded: :smiling_face_with_tear:


in general for saving f.e. an archive file i would always use etransmit. when you are in BIM360 you can download your file clean with all links… in your case i would make “detach from centreal” … how to use dynamo in that case i dont know

Better to ask this on revit forums, as this is not really a dynamo question.


The REVIT forums do not give detailed answers and it is not exact… which is why it generates more errors… that is why as a last memory I go to this forum for help… I hope it is not annoying…?

The main problem is if we get revit problems here we get a lot of irrelevant topics for people searching. I’d suggest raising the unhelpful replies with the revit forum moderators if you think it’s generally an issue.

It’s the same with pyrevit queries which we tend to recommend on to their dedicated forums.

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To add onto the response from @GavinCrump, the Autodesk forums for Revit are the best place for support on this, or for more direct support you can submit a ticket to my colleagues via the accounts portal at

The later is likely a requirement to get a good solution quickly, as this is almost always a network configuration issue.

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