Revit 2022 BIM Interoperability Tools causing Dynamo error

Hi folks,

I’ve discovered that the BIM Interoperability Tools add-in causing Dynamo to stop working. I discovered this via a process of elimination after a clean reinstall. I’ve since uninstalled it… although it is a very useful add-in so… annoying.

Now even after uninstalling Dynamo still won’t work…

Anyone had this problem and know a solution?


Can you post your Dynamo log and Revit journal from the session with the error and Althea same from a session without?

Hi thanks for the reply. Where on the C drive are those stored?


Shit shift + up arrow in Dynamo to bring up the console. There should be a line in there which tells you where they are stored.

You can read about finding Revit Journal files here: Revit: Location of journal files | Revit | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Is there a link to where i can learn to read journal files?

There are a few AU sessions, but unfortunately nothing really robust and dedicated to the topic. It’s a bit of a ‘learn by doing’ topic even with someone directly educating you. They are a language in and of themself.

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A link to an AU session or two will do for now. Thnx in advance