Need some assistance interpreting data

Hello All,

I’m struggling to find a solution for the following problem;

I have a table of data as follows:

I can obtain the “Type” and the “Value”.
The “Type” will match one of the types in the table above, the “Value” will likely not be exactly one of the values in the table. If the value is is 540mm then ofcourse i need to use the 540mm column. If the value is 550mm then i’d need to use the 660mm column (the next highest).

My aim is to gather the ‘mark’ (ie. 30/35) from the table.

There are a few tricky bits to this;

Lets say i feed in Type CC and 280mm. That would result in CC/300 (from the table) and would return a “-”, in this case i need to continue looking through the table to find the next ‘mark’ in the type row, which in this case would be ‘30/35’ in the 340mm column.

The next issue is reporting cases where no mark can be assigned, this could happen if i feed in DD and 910mm. It would look at the DD/940 row and return a “-” but all of the following cells in the row also would return a “-”.

I will edit this post to show my WIP workflow. Please note, i am not linking to an excel table. The table data in dynamo is currently created manually.

The WIP workflow before works fine IF the table is fully filled in… it doesnt deal with blank values.

Never-mind, i changed my approach in the end and got the result i wanted :slight_smile: