Need help with node that suddenly stopped working

Hello! I have a parameter export to excel graph I have been working on for a while now but all of the sudden the “Data.ExportExcel” node is just refusing to output anything. The error is “Warning: Data.ExportExcel operation failed.” and the only thing I can think of that changed is that I installed the 2019 trial of Revit. I have since checked dynamo versions and downgraded those back to 2.02 but I can’t get this thing to run. My colleagues open it and it runs for them so it is something going on in my machine. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @blayfield

Try using File.Path node and make sure you specify .xlsx extension after the file name (Test.xlsx).

Thanks for the reply. I have the .xlsx extension added to the join string node. Weird thing is another employee can run this graph with no issues. its something on my end it looks like.