Collection of Parameter Value and exporting to Excel

Collect Parameter to Excel.dyn (38.0 KB)

Hi guys, need help, I’m lost here. I was trying to collect the parameter value of certain family type but it’s not letting me to export out on excel. I can see that I can get the data that I need but somehow I can’t figure it out.

Files are attached. Thanks in advance!

Hi @jmark,

If you use the File Path node, you have to create an empty file first and save it. Then close the file and browse to this file. Then it should work.

Another method you could use which is way more flexibel is with a Directory Path. When you choose a Path, give the file a Name and it will create the Excel directly.


What is the error message you’re seeing on the excel export node?

Hi, Obviously it doesn’t seem to send a name to the sheet

hi @jacob.small it’s just showing this

edit: it shows “Warning: Data.ExportToExcel operation failed.”

hi @Lazy_BIM the first method, that’s what i did but still giving me an error.

for the second one. I will try it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Lots of possible reasons here…

  1. The file cannot be accessed as it’s read only, open by someone else, or otherwise inaccessible. Confirm you don’t have any excel instances open by restarting the CPU, open the file, confirm you can save over it, and then close excel entirely before starting Revit and Dynamo.
  2. Excel is broken and needs to be fixed. Try the online repair (searching the forum and the web for instructions).
  3. The data being written has invalid data, such as a null value or other issue.

@jacob.small i asked my other colleagues to try it and it seems like it’s working well in terms of exporting, guess i’m having a problem with the build version. many thanks for your help as always!

Hey guys, thanks all for the help. Asked a colleague to solve it for me but it seems like this graph doesn’t work on my machine but does it job on the other. I’ll just use the export to CSV for now.
Collect Parameter to Excel.dyn (41.0 KB)
Did a little tweak and final graph as attached.

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Sounds like yo need an excel repair as Jacob mention…if you are to customnodes these one here should work…

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