Export To Excel - Revit 2022

I apologize in advance if this issue has been brought up, but I couldn’t locate it in the forum. I understand that they updated to Python 3. I have a couple of scripts that use the Data.ExportExcel node. Dynamo 2.12 is forcing me to update to the ExportToExcel node. My company uses multiple versions of Revit to accommodate the clients we deal with. I would rather not have to keep up with multiple versions of scripts and which version of Dynamo each one works for.

My question: Is there a custom package that does the same thing as the node below does, that works for Dynamo 2.5.0 in Revit 2021 and Dynamo 2.12 in Revit 2022?


I think this is just a warning that the node is obsolete - it should still continue to work though in the 2.x cycle.

Has it stopped functioning?

I miss-worded my statement when I said it was forcing me to update the node. It does still work, however it returns “Run Completed with Warnings”. I try to eliminate those messages as it helps with troubleshooting when other users run the scripts. That’s why I was hoping someone had created an alternative method. I guess having it always show the warning is the lesser evil than keeping up with multiple versions of the scripts. I am curious as to how long it will keep working for or for how many more versions of Dynamo.

Thanks for responding!