Need help with Import Architectural rooms

Hello All,

So i been trying to use this dynamo graph that i found on the website below, however I keep getting these errors and I’m unsure how to solve them.

Any help would be appreciated.

You need to find the package from which the nodes which are unresolved are from and install them. Try Archilab, steam nodes and Clockwork for starters. The article should not where they came from as well (try reading all parts the source may be buried).

the article mentions grimshaw (archi-lab i believe) and steam nodes, both of which are installed, but still giving me that error. =[

Hi @r.nasoordeen

You’re missing custom nodes which is from “Dynamo MEP Package” Install that and restart dynamo. Cheers!

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Sweet, that did the trick Kulkul… though its no exact match with the names, it says custoomroom, instead of just room, but beggers can’t be choosers right…

Still having problems making it work… see below… Just says the yellow nodes operation failed… Any ideas?

Thank you, appreciate the help tremendously

Please show previews of each node.

Here you go.





I thought i understood how dynamo works, but this has left me perplexed.

Are all rooms in the model placed, or are some unplaced? Filter out rooms where the area isn’t > 0 as one way to know.

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Yeah, the more i work on this project the more i feel that the architect model may not be up to snuff, i need to check on it as soon as i can when im done with my other projects…