3d rooms

I am trying to make 3D rooms but everytime I try my computer just freezes up so I am trying to do it as simply as possible so I came up with (below) which it think should work but obviously doesnt, can anybody point me in the right direction?


Not sure what the warning is you are getting.
You seem to have multiple links feeding into the “GetFromLinkFile” node, i think this might be your problem, try feeding in just one link file.
Have a look at this image of a definition doing what you need. This uses SteamNodes and Clockwork packages.

You can ignore the second half if you dont actually need to place the 3D rooms in your revit file, but this should place the rooms and then rename them to match the Revit rooms

Hope this helps

@Alisder_Brown thanks, I tried your way but it appears to fail here:

Thats strange. Could you post a screen grab with the drop down list showing for the nodes “GetPArameterValueByName” and “>=” nodes please. Its strange they are not working.
You may have a bad download of Dynamo, might be worth trying to reinstall it. What version of Revit and dynamo are you using? This definition works fine for me in Revit 2016 and Dynamo v1.0

im using dyanomo 1.0 and revit 2015

element.geometry stopped working in all my graphs, even the ones that were working perfectly fine yesterday. Is this because they are messing with this particular node today?

Im not sure why it isnt working.
Could you try this on a project file with rooms and just remove the Linked file part at the start and replace with “Categories” and “AllElementsOfCategory” and see if it passes through the “FilterByBoolMask” node.

Is there a way to filter out any rooms that may not be bounded properly or show up as something funny like “null” in the list?

Yeah thats essentially what the “>=” node is doing with the filter by blool mask node, they are filtering out only rooms with an area (meaning they have been placed and are bounded properly)
It looks like it could be an issue with your version of Dynamo. What is it the warnings are saying for the “FilterByBoolMask” node?
Maybe try uninstall/Reinstall of Dynamo and reboot the machine.

Ok, I never rebooted the machine or anything but today everything magically started working again…argg… what gives? Is it something to do with im worksharing?