Need Help tagging rooms - I am almost there

How do I define the information I need for _tagLocations?

Every node looks good, have you make sure all the rooms are placed?
Also, it will be good to see the error in Element.GetLocation.

There error is:
Warning: Element.GetLocation operation failed.
The location of the structural element is not a valid curve.

I am attaching the graph here. 2.0.x hopefully you can give it a spin.
TAG ALL ROOMS.dyn (21.6 KB)

there is a node, called room.Location. I believe that is the node required instead of that

Hi @crullier

Use Room.Location node to get Center Point of Room.


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okay, room.Location works. but still no tags =(

Could you switch on Room.Location preview and show values?

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You must filter the unplaced rooms (area = 0).

I deleted the unplaced room just to keep things simple and still no luck. take a look:

Looks like you connected the view name to the _views input and not the view element.

So I am only able to tag ONE room out of the three. I am unsure on how to fix it.
I know this as done before :+1: I am so close yet so far.

@crullier Try changing lacing to longest-CreateAnnotationTag node.

Thank you, but that did not work. How are other folks using Dynamo to tag rooms?