Place both rooms and rooms tags into Revit

Dear all

I need to place rooms into Revit using Dynamo and, once placed, attach the corresponding annotation tags. The rooms are correctly placed, while annotation tags are not placed. The error is with the Create Annotation Tag node (“type error: room is not iterable”). I think the problem is that the operation of placing tags should be executed after the operation of placing rooms. I tried to apply Clockwork’s Passthrough Node but still i did not manage to make it work. If i collect rooms from Revit everything works, but my problem is that i need to put both rooms and rooms tags directly from Dynamo in a unique execution. Could you help me in solving this?

Thanks to everyone.

Here is the code (n.b. the unit is in meters):
room tags.dyn (15.4 KB)

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“Room is not iterable” means that the node is expecting a list of rooms - you are only passing a single room.



Thanks for your suggestion. It actually gives back results if i plug in a list instead than one single room, but anyway it produces only one result. Maybe the solution is as easy as before and there is something i’m missing. Thank you for your help.

Solved with a list chop and lacing longest. Thank you again! Issue solved.

How do I set the location if the walls are already placed?