Tagging the rooms

Hello everyone!!! I am trying to tag some room in the project and even though Dynamo shows that the room tag were created, the tags are not placed in the model.
Could you help me with an advice how can i make it work?
Wish you a fantastic Daynamo… :stuck_out_tongue:

A roomtag is an annotation item, yet i do not see that you have selected a view where to place those tags.
They are create as i can see the new Id’s
maybe select one of the new tags by that new Id?

I have managed to place them in the view but for no reasons it comes without any information in

Try this node

I tried and i can not get it to work

You can tag the rooms like this :


Thank you very much, it worked with the GeniusLoci node!
Unfortunately it didn’t work with the dynamo standard node Tag.ByElement

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