Need Help - FamilyInstance.ByPointinView Doesn't Work

Hi Community,

I am having a issue with a Clockwork Node, FamilyInstance.ByPointinView. I got “null” results. Nothing is created and placed in the view. Please see the attached picture. Thanks for help out!

Are you placing the right type / category of family associated with this node?

I believe this node is specific to placing detail elements.

The family I need to place is Generic Model family. Is that the reason the node not working? Thank you.

Hi @ycai9HR9Q …i would try something here instead, the other node is for 2d viewspecific families…

Yes, that is why it isn’t working.

There are a few nodes for “familyinstance.bypoint” and another one for “familyinstance.bypointandlevel.”

Then there are element-specific placement methods for walls, slabs, beams, column, etc.

Thank you!