FamilyInstance.Bypointinview returns null

I’m trying to write a graph that can insert some detail family’s into a drafting view. I’m using the Clockwork node “FamilyInstance.ByPointinView”, but for some reason it returns null. Does anyone know of a reason it might be doing this?

I’m open to suggestion if you have a better way then using this custom node.

Is that a 3d view you are using?

The Revit file only has a drafting view open.

Do I need to do something to call a 2d Dynamo view? or set the Drafting view as active? If I use the “views” node in place of the “Document.Activeview” i get the same result.

Its something i remembered from way ago, its probably solved now.
forget it

It works well for me. U have to use Detail Item family for Drafting view.


I am also getting null.

Revit 2021

A Door needs a Host.

Our doors started as Generic Models so they don’t need a host.
Category was changed afterwards.

I never got it working. I have the user insert and place the element first then run the rest of the graph.

FamilyInstance.ByPointInView would be for annotation families since they require a view. Model elements use the standard FamilyInstance.ByPoint.

Do you happened to know why a FamilyInstance.ByPointandLevel would produce an element, not linked to the Level, but the Schedule Level instead?
And if one uses FamilyInstance.ByPoint would that give me a Level as Workplane?
I ran into something weird i think

I believe Level vs Schedule Level vs Associated Level would all be based on the element being placed. As far as I’m aware, Schedule Level is specifically for elements that require a level reference but don’t necessarily host to the level.

FamilyInstance.ByPoint should be for “point and place” (unhosted) families. If the element is Work Plane hosted then neither ByPoint nor ByPointAndLevel will assign the level as the (Work Plane) host, but the Schedule Level (and therefore I assume other level reference parameters) would be assigned in the case of ByPointAndLevel. I think you’d have to use Python or a custom node for hosted families in order to set the host by level.