Navisworks object to Dynamo

I am trying to bring from Navisworks to Dynamo the geometry and points of a selected object (ideally by clicking directly in Navisworks) . Does anyone know how to do this?

Not sure that you can… what is your end goal?

I want to automate the design of new beams from existing beams. I usually get Naviswork models.

Try importing the navis model into Revit and then get the geometry that way. You’re in for an uphill battle as there will be no location data due to the navis aspect.

How is it possible to import clash test points and not object points and geometries? None of the dynaworks nodes could work?

You need to export the clash report data to html, copie that to excel and than get the clash points with dynamo.

Thanks for your feedback.

The goal is to get points and/or geometries from a Naviswork model directly into Dynamo. We are looking to automatically design and add new beams into an existing Navis model, ideally, just clicking some objects in Naviswork

There is a function in Revit to link .nwc or .nwd files …maybe you could use this. Than create new geometry in Revit and export them to Navisworks.

With only the clash points, its not easy to create new geometry, because these clash points are not in the center of the clashes.

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Thanks, Do you know if there is a way to use Dynamo to, automatically, generate some geometries based on the linked Naviswork model?

I believe the new Dynaworks packages can extract geometry from a Navisworks model.