Navisworks HTML Viewpoints Report to Excel

Hi All,

Is there a way to extract the information out of a Navisworks HTML Viewpoints Report into an Excel Sheet through Dynamo so that I can track the following:

  1. Number of Viewpoints
  2. Number of Comments per Viewpoint
  3. Comment ID, Description, and Status


Not by html…

Have you tried xml? There is a XML mapping feature in excel that you can use to read any xml report from navisworks.


Thanks 4bimfercesp, sadly the Viewpoints Report from Navisworks only has the option to export to HTML.

Sorry i amuse too much…

The reason why you create viewpoints is why…? To show someone clash? Or see graphically a clash?

In navisworks you can export clash report to xml…which will include all comments, id…etc.

Then use xml mapping in excel to filter those values only.

Try it…

No problem at all. We use viewpoints to highlight issues that may not be a clash at all (like aesthetic issues), hence the clash detective tool won’t be able to capture them.

Thanks again

No worries…by the way you can export viewpoints to xml…it appears you cannot but if you append the nwd to a fresh navisworks nwf you can right click the viewpoints and export.

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Thanks 4bimfercesp! Got it to work using XML!

Appreciate your insights, I wouldn’t have thought of using XML instead of the HTML on my own.

No problems glad to help…if you got your solution please mark it solve so others can refer to it for future references. Goodluck

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Hi, I tried to append my nwd, the go to saved viewpoints , right click and it shows me only html export option. Could you help me about it?

Can you show me a screenshot? I’ll try to help as much as I can.

Hi, I´m attaching you some screenshots



I’m not sure why in your case it’s showing “.html” only, in my case when I click on “Export Viewpoints”, the only option is to export an “.xml” file (same case whether I open a .nwf file or a .nwd file). Just kindly make sure you are clicking on “Export Viewpoints” and not “Export Viewpoints Report”.

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So this is great. I was able to accomplish this as well. What I could not do was hyperlink the images from the HTML to the XML data. Has anyone given this some thought? Currently the viewpoints from the report have generic vp0001.jpg format and i cannot sort them to match the viewpoint from the XML in excel.

How did you get this to work? I’m in the same dilema right now…

Hi @Xtopher123,

It’s been a long time since I used this workflow, but if I remember correctly, once you have the xml file exported from Navisworks, you basically need to import that data to an excel file so Dynamo can read it.

Try to follow this link regarding mapping xml data to an excel file:

Hope this helps,