Navisworks Properties

Hello All,

I am tryping to export all properties from Navisworks to excel. i have reached sofar (See pic)
looks i’ve hit road block. can some one here point me in right direction.
see attached.


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Hi @rafy.rumeh

You need to OpenNavisFile before getting property list:

Thank You Kulkul, i have reached here sofar, excel file opens but nothing is there. see attached.
any tip or suggestion, trying to get this going.

cheers :slight_smile:

Maybe you forgot NavisAttribute ?

Thank you, as i’m new to Dynamo unable to understand what i should provide here.
do you have some samples or a link?
this is what im trying to extract for all the elements that are in Navisworks that are linked.

Thank You Deniz,
Can you please help me on this, not sure as to what i should provide or what Dynamo wants here?

Add a boolean to OpenFile node please. (Visible false)

Deniz, This is what happened?
excel opens with nothing in it .
take a look. did i do anything wrong?

You should select a nwf file to open.

Hi Deniz, Same thing, nothing changed.
please see my file.
9_Test.dyn (15.8 KB)

Hi All,

Any tip or help?

The input for ‘overwrite’ in the last node ‘Data.ExportExcel’ should be a boolean (true or false) format

You have input a string format

use a boolean node set to false instead.

or double click and create a code block and type ‘false’ until it turns purple. i.e. boolean format.