Isolate Navisworks Clashes in a Revit View - Dynamo tutorial

Good Evening,

Here is a Video demonstrating a tool I created to isolate navisworks clashes in a revit view,

the other video is a tutorial on how I made it

“BIMflow” is a custom package I created to put my BIM workflows in,
I hope it’s useful to you


This is GREAT! but how did you get your Navis report to look like that in excel? I have just a typical clash report from Navis that I converted to an .xlsx and so my element ID just has the numbered list (2565686) instead of (Element ID:2565686) SO I skipped the String.Split by : and now I cant get the String.Contains to work. Can you help me?Isolate Navis Clashes.dyn (873.6 KB)

Struc vs Elec.xlsx (75.9 KB)

thank you scrowe, I’m really glad you liked it,

I think you can use “string from object” node to convert the excel data to strings