Dynaworks - Exporting Viewpoint images to excel

Hi, so I’m pretty new to Dynamo and Dynaworks, so please excuse me if this is a silly question. i have searched and found that the Dynamo for Revit comes with a view.exportasimage. What I’d like to do is the same from Navis and put the images for all saved viewpoints into an excel spreadsheet which would contain any comments and a status. Is this possible and if so can anyone please tell me how?

Please see this post:

@Yna_Db thank you for this, however it doesn’t quite do what I need. I don’t want to create the report in Revit, as sometimes I don’t have access to the revit files and on other occasions the files are generated in other software such as Telka. I couldn’t find a BCF tool for Navis hence I thought that using Dynaworks would be the way forward. It should be possible don’t you think?

See this:

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Great, I’ll give this a try. Thank you

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