Narrow Down "Family Types" Dropdown to Specific Category

I am working on a simple sheet creator for people to use, and using the “Family Types” node to select the titleblock. I was hoping that there was a way to filter out all the other non titleblock families. I was thinking there would be an “All Families of Category” node or something similar. This is just for ease of use in the dynamo player so that when someone is trying to select the title block they want to use, every single family in the project is not listed.

Clockwork has a node for all families of category, or all family types of category. The node creates a list rather than provide a drop down, but you can feed this list into a Data-Shapes input form.

I also think there might be a a ‘titleblock types’ drop-down node somewhere, can’t recall off the top of my head but will check for you later. Edit: it’s in Rhythm.


Thanks! That works to narrow it down in the Dynamo script at least. However I dont think the “Titleblock Types” node from Rythm can be accessed through the Dynamo Player. I will also try the Data-Shapes input form.