Get Family type from Category

When i’m runnig this script i can’t see anything in the list of sprinklers but there are two families loaded in my project.
i want to make a script where i can replace a curtain family type for another with dynamo just for learning.

In the future i want to try to switch a CAD block or Circle to this family so i can make a 3D drawing form a 2D drawing. It is working for pipes for know but not for these families.

Please let me know.

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Get family type by category.dyn (1.9 KB)

DWG to 3D.rvt (2.0 MB)

Hi Olaf,

The output of your script gives all loaded family types when i run it.
Tested on Revit 2017.2 + Dynamo 1.3.1.

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Hi MJB-online,

That is wat i want to see but i don’t get these results.
I’m using also Revit 2017.2.2 + Dynamo 1.3.1

Is the packages that i have used maybe to old. Which one do i have to update. Do you know that?

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Dear MJB,

Can you tell me which packages you are using.

I still get the same error…

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That node is from package Clockwork. Make sure you’re on the latest release.

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It’s wokring know.

Think it was the clockwork version and maybe some error due to custom nodes.

Know i want to make one selection from the list. Is that also possible.

I’m busy woth a coe block node but this doesn’t seems to work.

Please let me know

See what’s in the Primer and in the Dictionary maybe:

Hi Olaf,

A simple (static) selection can be done like below, based on the index.

If you want a more advanced/flexible filtering, it depends on what you want.
If you type for example “filter list” or “boolmask” in the searchbar of this forum, you wil get a lot of related topics.

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