Name Sheet with views names

Perhaps this topic had already been discussed in the forum but I did not find the appropriate topic.
I need it because during the drawing process, I have to put views on sheets, remove views, change views from one sheet to another.

I want to rename a sheet with the name of the views within it.
Select sheet
Find the views on sheet
Get names of the views and use only the characters after the underscore and then separate them with space line space
The final name is: ANYWORD + VIEW NAMES

Thank you all

Hello @Archi_AV …could something help…

Don’t forget the view name splitter and concatenation… believe this will do the trick (uses one node from Crumple package by yours truly:

sheet name by views.dyn (22.5 KB)

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yeps tou are right Gavin you will need tp concat with multiple views on sheet :wink:

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Thanks a lot!

Works great

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Hi @GavinCrump ,

Is there a specific reason you aren’t using the OOTB String.Join node in your example?

Yes, my string join node works across a list item by item, and can work at sublists. The OOTB node has limitations here in my experience.

Like this?

Yes for many lists on 1 separator it’s fine, I just come across scenarios sometimes where levels are needed. Rather than fool around with I just decided to make a Python based node. I tend to default to it when I’m throwing quick solutions together out of habit.

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