Join & Concat Use


I am creating duplicate views and I am pulling the names and room numbers from an excel spreadsheet. I am trying use the data from two columns of the spreadsheet in the name field. I have tried Join and concat but they only rename the 1st and the last views with all the data form all rows of the column 8 and and 9. I am able to use either one of the columns to rename the dependent views.

Am I using the Join and Concat as intended?

Thank you for any advise.

CahitDepndent Views



Hi Cahit,

Are you looking for something like this:

Hello Cahit,

The default behavior of the concat (and join) node is to concatenate all strings in each list. To make it combine values from each list, we must use it toghether with List.combine.

Alternatively use String.Insert or code block as shown by kulkul