Renaming views via menu


I’m trying to make a Dynamo tool that renames all views containing a certain line of text. I’ve already managed to create a working tool, but want to be able to select the views that I want to change. Therefor I’ve added the top nodes that are visible on the picture. I’m doing something wrong, but can’t seem to find out what that is.

It would be nice if someone could help me in the right direction.
The file is in the Appendix
KnipselRename Sheetnumber var 2.dyn (46.7 KB)

Hi there!

I never used those OOTB Nodes, but if the Input of the first OOTB is “InputName” which I assume gets the View Name, why you don’t you simply filter the Strings out of the Element.GetParameterValueByName directly? Then after this filter you could link directly those outputs to the Element.SetParameterByName.

I don’t understand the point of those “top” Nodes, but maybe I am missing something. Could you clarify? Btw, can you provide information about the OOTB nodes (package)?


When you hover over the dark gray bars you can see that the top nodes are from the data shapes packages.
They are used to create a menu in Revit.

if you have downloaded my module and press manual run in Dynamo, you will see a menu appear

Right now you’re using the view name for both Keys and Values. Keys are what the user sees when making a selection and Values are the actual objects that get returned after they’ve made that selection. You need the Values to be the actual view rather than the name. That way your output is a list of views that are going to be edited. Hope that makes sense.


Thanks that makes sense. I’ll try a new input for the values next weak when I’m at work. I assume that the new input has to come from the List.filterbyboolmask.