Mystery Artefacts

Hi all,
have some mysterious 3d space artefacts in my model. I was running some dynamo scripts taking room data from linked models and generating elevations from them. I’m thinking that this must be from that. This 3D geometry isn’t selectable. and isn’t categorised ie, i;ve turned everything of no linked models no model anno or analytics, no imports etc. and I still can’t get rid of these lines. Any ideas how to purge these?

This is the Revit Background Preview where running a script with revit background preview turned on and nodes that generate geometry also have their preview turned on results in geometry being shown in revit. This is useful, but there is (or at least was) a bug where if you had Revit Background Preview on and closed the graph, then the preview is persistent.

To get rid of this geometry, if you have not closed the graph, turn of the Revit Background Preview under the View menu. If you have closed the graph/Dynamo and it is still showing, open up a graph that generates geometry (could be a new graph with just a point), make sure revit background preview is on, run the script and then turn off revit background preview. This should hide all dynamo generated preview geometry.


Thanks Daniel. That done the trick. Merry Christmas!

Awesome! Merry Christmas to you too! :christmas_tree:

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