Blue loading processing lines not removing

Hi, tried searching the forum but cant think of the right name to call them. The blue lines left over from dynamo in the revit model are not going away in revit 2020 and dynamo 2.3 unless you exit and come back in. Anyone know a fix to this? thanks

turn off geometry preview in Dynamo?

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Yeah, this is a bug that has been around for some time. For example, if you close Dynamo or the graph when you have Revit Background Preview enabled the blue lines persist and getting rid of them can be a pain. Would be good if when OnClosing the workspace, it would hide these.

However, if you reopen the Dynamo Graph and re-run, then turn off Revit Background Preview this should get rid of them. Also, I’ve noticed if you have Run mode to automatic, simply rotating the view can also get rid of them (which is more annoying than anything).

@Kulkul, I remember you had a little trick with this too? But can’t remember exactly what you did.