How to turn off dynamo geometry preview in Revit?

After running some geometry selections in dynamo, dynamo colors things this ugly yellow orange color. Then even after exiting dynamo the selection color still exists. How do I get rid of it? thanks,

Turn Revit background preview off.

Or if it is stuck, go ahead and close and reopen your file and it should work.


I am having the same problem with Revit 2016 and Dynamo
Every time I run I script and then close Dynamo the preview does not disappear in Revit.
I need to restart Revit. It is actually an annoying bug indeed.
Is this common to many users?


Any news on a fix for this? Closing and opening the Revit file is quite annoying.

Thanks a bunch JP

I run a large scale script for a modulation covering object it seems that blue line are glitch. Still trying to look for a solution.

anyways, got the answer from this tread

it’s a bad thing if you guys started to use it with these category is checked. Be careful.

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use the Wayback machine!