MySQL to Dynamo connection. Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Hey all,

Recently I have switched from my laptop on which I was running a local MySQL server. I made a working connection between Dynamo and MySQL workbench, from which I was able to update the database. However after switching I have been receiving the error: " object reference not set to an instance of object" while running the same script. I have already tried multiple things:

  • Using Legacy Authentication Method while installing the MySQL server
  • Removed the SSL encryption from the server
  • Allowed ‘root’ user to have all privileges
  • Create an ODBC connection with the Unicode Driver which does work in Dynamo
  • Changed localhost to local I.P. of

I have gone through other forum posts without any success. Did any of you also experience this, and how did you solve it? Below are some screenshots showing the settings



I have been spending the whole day on it, and managed to find the solution! First reconfigure the MySQL server as Legacy Authentication Method, then go to your MySQL server folder under Programdata and add the following in the my.ini file under mysqld:


Hi Hidde,

Which Dynamo package do you use for the MySQL nodes?

Hey MJB,
I am using the Slingshot package in Dynamo.

However, I came across the solution once I wrote it in Python and it gave me an explicit error that it’s not able to deal with the SHA256 authentication of SQL, and so I had to dissable the ssl and use the native password in Mysql.

Slingshot okay thanks (i was just curious for future purposes).