Importing Data from MySQL to Revit

Hi all,

i am trying to connect Dynamo to an MySQL Database running on XAMPP (local) in order to import data into Revit,
The problem I’m having, is that I can’t seem to manage to connect to the database because Dynamo keeps telling me “Dereferencing a non-pointer”.

Anyone got an idea what is wrong here? I can’t seem to find my flaw

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The code block at the bottom of your graph doesn’t define a table (the requested input), but attempts to call a function of a class which isn’t defined.

Just missing quotation marks…


Alright, thanks guys. Managed to connect to the database. but get stuck right after. Sorry, total Dynamo noob here.
Any advice on how to solve this? Not sure how to change boolean and string values in Dynamo!?

Provide a password for the connection string node.

User ‘root’ doesnt use a password (this is a local server running under XAMPP)
i also tried adding a user “hexa” using the pw “hexa” but that doesnt make a difference


sorry, it does make a difference, see attached:


i think the password for SQL should be something like Servername/Password or alike.

so that user has access to that database ?

Yes sir, both users, root and hexa have access

I tried adding localhost\pw as suggested, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference

Have you tried replacing localhost with or entering an obscenely high number for timeout?

Any particular reason you are using MYSQL ?

It is sophisticated- but the permissions/authentication can be complicated
You might have installed it so that it requires SHA256 authentication ie needs a TLS connection or RSA key pair. You also need to set permissions on the database (schema)- refer below screenshot

Fine if you are running a bank, possibly overkill for BIM/Dynamo use

I’d recommend:
for simplicity: SQLite - just a file you connect to, no server
for ease of use: PostgresSQL
for spatial stuff: PostgresSQL with spatial extensions: PostGIS
for recalcitrant IT depts who don’t like opensource, and drivers etc built into Windows: MSSQL Express

Please PM me if you need further help- I am a freelancer and this is how I make a living



I forgot to say, you can also try creating an ODBC connection to touubleshoot it, & use the same details in Dynamo


Alright, so that is working… Will try this in Dynamo now. Thanks!

Managed to connect using ODBC! Thanks so much Andrew

Hello Hexageo,

I am currently working on something similar. I have a mysql database running on XAMPP. I linked it to mysql workbench and I want to export the max value found in the table to a userdefined parameter in REVIT.

I have no knowledge of Dynamo and would really appreciate some help please.