Connection to MYSQL db using slingshot package

Hi guys,

I am using Dynamo v1.3.2.2480 as ad-don on my Revit 2016.
I plan to create a dynamo project to update my revit schedules by reading data from my Mysql DB.
For that i downloaded from dynamo the slingshot package.

But i struggle on the first step. Get connected to the db from dynamo and do a simple Select.
I’ve search for solution online and really don’t see what is wrong.

I am using phpmyadmin (installed from Easyphp) with Mysql version 5.7.17 (x86).
The mysql server is working fine and is installed on the same device as revit/dynamo.

here is the dynamo scheme :

On Mysql side, the configured port is 3306
i use for the moment the default root user (no password). (I also tried with another account w password).

So if You have an idea I would appreciate.

PS, I use php myadmin to manage my db

Well I have final use a walkaround.

As I saw you guys using workbench I installed it and now it work perfectly.
Don’t know what is wrong with my easyphp mysql server …