MWF Open Sheets By View

Graph has an error. I suspect Dynamo Version not a match to Revit 2019? and/or missing some modules?

Could you share your graph? / The error message?

Hi, if a node is red that means you do not have that Custom Package (DLC) installed, try installing the “Springs” package :slight_smile:

Daan, Thanks! I loaded a few of the Spring packages and error on the Springs.Collector were resolved.
Then I opened the graph in Dynamo player and it worked to open a few views in an existing project.
However, on one attempt I selected a few views in Project Browser (w/ Shfit key I believe) and Run of graph proceeded to open a bunch of sequential views which I did not select!
So, something is wrong - Maybe with my selection process, or other nodes in graph?

If I recall correctly (this test was yesterday) I think Element GetParameter & List set intersection were still (yellow - showing error) , but seemed to function OK When I ran via Dynamo Player with boolean input set - at least it worked w/ first test w/ very few selections.
Thoughts? Thanks much for your help thus far!

Hi @gmillerXYM9H,

What exactly are you using your script for? Because it seems that you don’t need most of this to open Sheets :slight_smile:

Because if you are just trying to open multiple sheets by selection, i think this will do fine:

Boolean > Springs.Collector.CurrentSelection > Open Multiple Sheet (Python)

Ps: why are you using the node List.SetIntersection with the same input in both input fields? Seems like that wouldnt do anything :slight_smile:

Use: to open multiple shop tickets quickly. Often switch tasks, closing views and open others for QA/QC corrections/ticketing of Precast Concrete panels.
Found free MWF Open Sheets By View from StructSoft web site. Tried it out as is.
Not sure that it is much faster than manual open of views - since all have to be selected in browser. Seems a dialog to specify ranges could be faster. But would require ability to specify sheet #'s as well (depending on what sheets need checking/correcting.) Most precast panels have multiple sheets.
I have programming experience in assembly code, MS script, etc., but am a novice in Dynamo.
I have not modified anything in graph - except for adding Springs packages.
I’m inclined to try recommendation above - rather than editing my current graph. Unless editing would be fairly simple - I’d love to learn how to modify this to work.
I don’t see a way to access the graph recommended above. Is there a link?

I see now I likely misinterpreted your recommendation above. I’m thinking you where suggesting an edit to my current graph.

Yes, have you tried my approach from my post above?