Create a view/sheetset with checkboxes inside dynamo

Hello all,

I am at the very end of creating a batch PDF plot and rename script…
Currently i am trying to find an alternative to selecting a sheet set.

So, the script starts with the view set input:

The problem i am now running in to is that i have to create a new set for every random set of drawings that need to be printed. This would be less of a problem if that node would reset, but if you add a viewset you need to delete the node and replace it to be able to see your new viewset.

Some users in my company just want to be able to check the sheets that needed to be printed inside of dynamo, this is has my preference as well so i dont end up with an enormous amount of view sets after using this script every time i need to print multile sheets.

Is this in anyway possible?

Basically what i mean is:

I am looking for a node like The sheets note from Rhythm : image
with the ability to select more than one.

Have a look here:

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I have seen this post but im afraid this wont work for some of our users.
If they need to run the script to select views with no understanding of dynamo im afraid the script wont be used.

Unfortunatly i am the only one who works with dynamo at my company, where everyone says there is a need for the ability to be able to print multiple PDF sizes in one command so i made that in dynamo…

Because no one else understands dynamo i want to make it as simple as possible, select the sheets you want to print and click run.

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but you could try something like this.

The last node is from the archi-lab package and you can select from it the sheets that you want.

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That is almost exactly what i want…

Als you can see, the sheet number is not shown, which is the easiest way to distinguish which sheet it is…
Do you know if there is a way to show sheet number?

So, I am almost there i guess…
I am trying to make a list with sheet numbers and element ID’s to match with all the sheets.

Can someone point me in the right direction?
I need to get the sheet numbers in the dropdown menu with the corresponding sheet…

You should really look at Data-Shapes as @Marcel_Rijsmus suggested and combine that with Dynamo player especially if you want users to make selections without knowing Dynamo.

Yeah, the way those nodes are written, they don’t show the sheet number, and it might also be something hardcoded in dynamo. But you can do something like this if you want to select by sheet number.

As the others have mentioned, there’s a package called data|shapes which makes it easier on people not familiar with dynamo to use your scripts. But I understand it might be a bit difficult to comprehend at first as a beginner exactly how to set it up. You can do something like this with it to create a simple list selection form for your users, showing the sheet numbers and names, which they get if they run the script using dynamo player.

Oh my…
I just tried the data shapes package and let me tell you, this is exactly what i needed…
It wasnt that hard to figure out either! (I expected it to be to hard for non dynamo coworkers but they just have to press run twice now, Sorry for discarding your suggestion so fast Marcel Rijsmus.)
Thanks to both of you!