Multiple Pipe Networks from Multiple Polylines

I am trying to create a dynamo script to automate the creation of pipe networks. Our company is a standard that we generate pipe networks for our dry utilities regardless of their SUE status. We typically show dry utilities 2.5 feet below existing ground until we confirm the exact location. Our typical workflow is as follows.

  1. Copy polylines from the existing utility file
  2. Create alignments
  3. Create existing ground profiles
  4. Generate profile views
  5. Generate pipe networks from polylines
  6. Project pipe networks to profile views
  7. Adjust pipes in profile view as need it.

I can get the dynamo script to do steps 2-5 if I have only one polyline in the drawing. The question is, is it is possible to select multiple polylines? can dynamo do multiple objects in one run? Or may there is a different approach?

Hi @jMrkz5280 ,

There sure is a way in Dynamo to do multiple lines/ stuff in general at once. Could you maybe share a Sample file and your Dynamo-file?

Create Alignmen-Profile-Profile views.dyn (75.0 KB)

Hi @jMrkz5280,

A couple thoughts.

Another idea here is to skip the process of copying the Polylines in from the other file and just get the geometry directly from an XREF. You can do that using the Block.Objects node because an XREF is a Block Reference. Here’s an example to get all the Polylines from an XREF and then group them by layer.

Unless there is an explicit need to have the Alignments, Profiles, and Profile Views, I think these steps could be simplified. Here’s an example of sampling a Surface along the Polylines and then dropping the geometry down. From there you can create Pipes or Solids depending on what you need.


UtilityProfileExample.dyn (33.5 KB)

Dynamo-Pipe Network Test.dwg (803.8 KB)

Hi, @Daan I uploaded the dynamo script and the CAD test file. thanks for reaching out.

Hi @mzjensen, I believe in the near future we no longer be needing plans and only models; in the meantime, we typically project the existing utility crossings into the design profiles. I use alignments and profiles so later, when we get depth information, we can adjust the pipe networks.

What you are showing is excellent! Thanks.