Multiple instances of Dynamo

So looking for a solution to my problem but haven’t been able to find one. Hope someone can help here.

My company has revit 2014 to revit 2018. so we have the latest dynamo versions.

Recently I been trying to use dynamo on revit 2016. its version 0.9, however a dynamo script i received for r2016 was created in dynamo 1.3.1, So i tried downloading the latest r2016 dynamo, but it wont install cause i have more up to date dynamos on my r2017-2019.

Soooo what should I do? anyway of updating dynamo on r2016 only to 1.3.2?

Thank you

Uninstall all flavors and types of Dynamo, then install lowest to highest version.

i’d go for installing first the latest version (2.02) then install the lower versions. this way you can have multiple versions of Dynamo.