Error print settings pdf printer

Hi all,

Ive some problems with the print settings in Dynamo.

It looks like revit won’t take the settings from the node.

Everything else is working great and I think the problem here is something with my print setting in the creator.

Can some one help me out?



Can you post your dyn and a screenshot? Hard to see what the issue is without being able to see what you’ve do so far. :wink:

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Hi Jacob,

The problem here is that the selected print settings wont be used if I selected them (A1 instead of A0)

Maybe there 's something I have to change in the pdf creator settings.

Any idea?



you are using a in-session name. in order for the print settings node to work you need to do a save print settings and name each papersize the way you want it named then pick that name from your print settings.

for example on the dialog box above instead of having “in-session” save it as “ISO_A1” (also set what ever settings you want on the other options) then press “ok”. Freeze your “Print PDF” Node temporary then hit “RUN”. Look at your Print Settings node again and you should see on the list “ISO_A1”. You will get the idea once you see it.

You can then un-freeze the Print PDF node and thats it.

Thanks for the reply, actually I make some default settings (A0 en A1 etc.) and save them.

I selected one of these settings in the node and hit print but when I change the (saved) setting to another size then the current setting is used when I hit print.

So the saved settings are not taking over by revit when is selected one.

Grt. Maurice

yes that would be correct (i know) so the way to do this is to do save as so it will overwrite the settings.